Ph.D in Laser Processing of Hazardous Materials

Ph.D – Laser Processing of Hazardous Materials 

  • Application Deadline – 9th July 2020
  • Department – Mechanical, Electrical & Manufacturing  Engineering 
  • Scholarship Amount – Fully Funded (100%)
  • For details, please visit the link here 

Nuclear decommissioning is a vast international industry supporting the production of clean energy, and UK expertise sought worldwide. It is expected to cost the UK £130 billion and take 120 years to clean up our existing infrastructure. This provides the motivation for developing new technologies which will make long-term impacts on productivity and safety in this industry. Laser cutting has potential as one of the most suitable methods due to the fine detail of cutting and process control that can be achieved with a remotely controllable process. However, these processes generate large amounts of highly energised nano-particulate and unknown, potentially radioactive hazards. Utilising world-leading laser processing and optical diagnostic testing equipment at Loughborough University the candidate will research the use of lasers for safe processing of radioactive contaminated materials and will work in partnership with National Nuclear Laboratory to access testing facilities for novel processing of radioactive materials.

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