The United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) is a stepwise examination for medical license in the United States. Mainly, it assesses a physician’s ability to apply the gained knowledge, concepts, and principles, & to demonstrate fundamental patient-centered skills, that are important in health and disease.

USMLE – Quick Facts

STEPsExam ContentDurationMin Score to Pass
STEP 1Basic Medical Science8 hours / approx 280 questions194
STEP 2 CKClinical Knowledge 9 hours / approx 318 questions209
STEP 2 CSClinical SkillsDiscontinued Discontinued
STEP 3Patient Management Skills2 Days / approx 410 questions + 13 case simulations198

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Insight into USMLE Steps Exams

Step 1

Understanding the underlying mechanism of disease & initial diagnosis

Basic Sciences

Behavioural Science

8 Hour Exam
7 Blocks
280 questions maximum

passing Score: 194
Pass Rate: 73%

Step 2 CK

Assessment and applications of patients initial diagnosis and treatment

Clinical Knowledge

Internal Medicine

9 Hour Exam
8 Blocks
318 questions maximum

passing Score: 209
Pass Rate: 75%

Step 3

Understanding clinical science  essential for the unsupervised practice of medicine

Patient Care

Internal Medicine

2 Days Exam –
Multiple choice questions and
Clinical case simulations 

passing Score: 198
Pass Rate: 84%

Kaplan Medical’s Free Live Online USMLE workshops

Event Title DateDay
Step 1 Metabolism Lecture with Dr. BrooksFebruary 09Tuesday
Step 1 Molecular Biology Lecture with Dr. TurcoFebruary 16Tuesday
How to Apply for the ECFMGFebruary 25Thursday
Interpreting your USMLE Diagnostic ExamMarch 10Wednesday
Tips to Increase your Chances in the MatchMarch 18Thursday
Obtaining US Clinical ExperienceMarch 23Tuesday
INBDE Seminar – Study Tips and HabitsMarch 24Wednesday
High Yield Pharmacology Review with Dr. HarrisMarch 25Thursday

Book a Medical Advisor

Book your appointment with the Medical Advisor – Talk to the Experts to plan your USMLE Preparation and have your questions answered. 

Additionally, you can schedule 30 minutes appointment with the Kaplan Medical Advisor to answer your queries, discuss how and where to start your USMLE preparation, what subjects you need to cover and how much time do you need to spend on your studies on daily & weekly basis. 

USMLE - Your Pathway to the U.S Residency

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Top Tips for an Effective USMLE Study Plan

Tip # 1 – Embrace Attainable Objectives – Dedication to Practice – Enhance Preparedness through Thorough Question Completion. We highly recommend undertaking the FREE Diagnostic Test to gauge your proficiency. This Basic Science Assessment Exam comprises 150 questions (3 hours) and delivers an exhaustive, discipline-specific report on your performance across organ systems. Furthermore, you’ll gain valuable insights into your Strengths & Weaknesses, enabling you to prioritize areas for improvement.

Tip # 2 – Embrace Realistic Goals – Cultivate a Commitment to Practice – Elevate Preparedness through Comprehensive Question Completion. We strongly encourage you to partake in the FREE Diagnostic Test to assess your proficiency. This Basic Science Assessment Exam consists of 150 questions (3 hours) and provides a thorough, discipline-specific report on your performance across organ systems. Additionally, we recommend an Expert’s advice, please feel free to book half an hour appointment with the Medical Advisor now to discuss your study plan.

Tip # 3 – Be Proactive, Start early – USMLE Step1 knowledge usually comes from pre-clinical years i.e. Year 1 & 2 of your MBBS education. If you require Residency in the United States, plan from day one of your MBBS and adopt a practical approach. Therefore, focus on high-Yield topics. Remember that all questions carry the same weightage & you will not be penalized for answering incorrectly. 

Tip # 4 – Select the Right Resource – Most students decide to choose from various available resources to plan their study. It is advised to select the appropriate resource for your study. Similarly, Kaplan Medical provides various free study material which includes Free Live Lectures / events, MedEssentials E-book, Step1 Diagnostic Test, Q-bank & On-Demand free trial  and 30 minutes session with Medical Advisor

Tip # 5 – Don’t ignore your health – a Dedicated study plan can be very stressful and requires a lot of hard work. Hence, Plan a relaxing activity like workout, talk to friends or family – just to name a few, to make sure you are destressing yourself. As a word of advice, we usually recommend students to stay away from social media which creates a lot of distractions and you might end up wasting a lot of time instead.