Sensor Management & Fusion for Detection and tracking of Small Drones

Sensor Management and Fusion for Detection & Tracking of Small Drones - PhD

  • Application Deadline – 29th June 2020
  • Department – Aeronautical & Aerospace Engineering 
  • Scholarship Amount – Fully Funded (100%)
  • For details, please visit the link here 

To mitigate this threat of small UAS, key regions and assets need to be protected from hostile UAS. To achieve this, hostile UAS need to be detected, identified, localised, and only then neutralised. One of the greatest challenges is in their detection and tracking, due to their small size.

There are number of sensor solutions that can detect these small UAS e.g. cameras, radar, LIDAR and acoustic.  However, each sensor system has their disadvantages e.g. Limited range, needing daylight, low accuracy, high false detection rate.

Entry Requirements for Pakistani Students

 First-class honours (70%)Upper second-class honours (60%)Lower second-class honours (50%)
Public Universities 4 Year degree onlyFirst with distinction (75%) / 4.0First (65%) / 3.2Second (59%) / 2.6
Private Universities 4 Year degree onlyFirst with Distinction (85%)First (75%)First (65%)
2 or 3 year bachelor’s plus Master’sFirst (60%)Second (55%)Second (50%)

PhD in International Development at UEA, UK

  • Application Deadline – Please inquire for details
  • Department – International Development Studies
  • Scholarship Amount – Fully Funded (100%)
  • For details, please visit the link here 

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