Education Services

Emerging Visions (Pvt) Ltd. is committed to upholding its obligation for guiding all its clients with extreme professionalism, care and attention to detail. The following are our core values:

  • Representing prominent and authentic Institutes;
  • One to one career counseling free of charge;
  • Obtaining the best possible Course offers;
  • Understanding the needs of affiliate institutions and fulfilling them accordingly;
  • Safeguarding the student interest in obtaining a quality education;

Course and Institution Selection

There are a variety of courses available, but they are only a few which are directly relevant and useful for your career. Selecting your course is, therefore, a very risky exercise which requires a great deal of attention. A wrong choice would not just imply a loss of money, but also your time, which is pricelessly for your career. Our first task starts with choosing the right path for you. We at Emerging Visions are expert career counsellors and we can help you in deciding which course is right for you.


Choosing a suitable course is only the first step. The next step is getting admitted in that course. For most students the university application process can be an overwhelming exercise. After all, writing personal statements, getting the right recommendations, and preparing the documents required, while meeting all the deadlines, is a complex process. But do not worry – we can help you!

We facilitate the admission process through our years of experience in dealing with university applications. Our counsellors are responsible for your application process, so you don’t need to worry about meeting deadlines anymore. Moreover, our affiliation with various institutions abroad takes your application a step further, and makes it more personalized. We also arrange for face to face interviews with international delegates, so you can also get an opportunity to meet the people responsible for making the decision on your application. In certain cases, we can also arrange for on-spot admission decisions, making the admission process a matter of hours.


Visa File Preparation

After getting the final admission from institutions we move on to the final step- the visa file preparation. This step is by far the most crucial. For most Pakistani students the visa process determines whether their dream of foreign education will materialize or not. Extra care must thus be taken while preparing the visa file.

Due to the current security situation, many countries have made the visa application more complex than ever. The visa office places each application under deep scrutiny before approving it; hence a mere error or omission may become the cause of a refusal. Our counsellors are trained to scrutinize every visa application as nearly as the visa office. Consequently, we minimize any chances of errors or omission in your application.

Emerging Visions maintains constant communication with the British High Commission, British Council and UK Institutions. Therefore, our EXPERTS are up to date with all the technicalities involved in the visa application. We are also informed of any changes in the application process, so we ensure that our students represent their visa case in the best possible way.

For details, please contact THE EXPERTS at the following numbers to book an appointment:
Tel: +92 (0) 51 2850068-2287203 & Email:

Administrative Reviews

Administrative Review is the mechanism through which refusal decisions made under the Points Based System (PBS) are reviewed, if an applicant believes that an error has been made in the decision. Our EXPERTS will review your visa case and will guide you through this process, if you are interested in filing such an application. So far we have a 100% success rate for all those students who have received Administrative Review guidance from us.

Authorize UCAS Center

Emerging Visions (Pvt) LTD. is a certified UCAS center. UCAS service is available 24 hours specially during deadlines and at the time clearing.